We Can All Be Mature

I think all gamers can agree that on any internet forum we can stay mature, and remain in an orderly and mannered fasion. We enjoy talking with people, and we absolutely love meeting you guys on the wiki. So please, above a lot of things be mature. Try to keep things to a PG-13, some people may be offended by what you may say. By all means you can let your imagination flow when creating a creepypasta or story. 

Posting Pages and Threads

We love when viewers post threads on the forum, an when you guys post pages. We immensely recommend posting pages and threads. Viewer activity and involvement is everything to us! We trust you. Although this is the internet, try to follow the honor system. If you create any racist, xenophobic, homophobic, anti-race, anti-gender, or anything offensive. Your page will be deleted, and you will be banned from our Wiki.

Being Denied Adminship 

Being denied adminship is like not getting a job you applied for. You wouldn't march back into the business and yell and complain that you didn't get it. You had to be mature and accept the fact that there is always another chance. If you are an editor, designer, gameplayer, or you want to help with the wiki, and you were denied just as we said. There is another chance. Get more practice. Come back next time and we may accept you. You can apply for adminship by contacting us on YouTube or the wiki.


As this channel progesses, we will add more guidelines. This is what we have for now. Thanks pugs!