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Welcome Viewers, or a random person who stumbled upon this page. This is the official wiki of FunkyPug Gaming.  FunkyPug Gaming is a tech-indused channel made by the Owner and Host, FunkyPug or his real name Gabe. We love to do unboxings, gameplays, commentaries, storytime, creepypasta readings, and even screwing around with my friends! I hope you enjoy my channel and I post 1-2 times every week on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Thanks for visiting our page and being a viewer and a pug of our gaming fandom! 

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Playthroughs/What We Plan To DO!

As far as most of you know FPG Team always tries to accomplish goals throughout our duration on YouTube. Below is what we plan on doing:

  • More rant times
  • Virtual Machine destruction
  • Playthroughs
  • MORE unboxings
  • Live Commentaries
  • Livestreams
  • Funky Codes
  • Playing with Friends

We created a little sheet to show you guys what games we plan on doing playthroughs for. If you have any recommendations please by all means contact us on YouTube, or comment on the spreadsheet.

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FPG Is Hiring...

Some of you may know we only post once a week. Together we ccan change that! Right now FPG is hiring people to a part of this channel. Now once we start earning money we can start paying you! We do this channel for fun. This is voluntary. Although we do hope you will join us and we can develop this project into a great channel!

We are hiring these positions!:

  • Intro Maker
  • Video Editor
  • Graphic Designer
  • Wikia Designer
  • Analytics Manager

How you can become a pug! Be a part of the team!

This topic involves you the reader or viewer being allowed to:

  • Create your own stories and creepypastas.
  • If you create your story your story may be read by Gabe in a reading.
  • Discuss anything, games, video ideas.
  • Ideas to making the channel better.
  • Maybe getting a shout out on the channel for helping.
  • You could become an editor or a big part of the FPG team!
  • Together we can create a more active channel.

Latest activity

To the right is where we post our most recent videos, playlists, or even photos or news!




(CREEPYPASTA) - Strangest Security Tape I've Ever Seen

(CREEPYPASTA) - Strangest Security Tape I've Ever Seen