Do We Allow Creepypastas?

YES! As a matter of fact we do! FPG supports the creepypasta and horror community immensely. FPG encourages you to create your own creepypastas. If we decide its well-written and worth reading then we may feature it on the channel. You would be of course shouted out.

Some Tips We Recommend

If you are going to write a creepypasta it might as well be worth reading. You must write something worth our while and the readers. We do allow trollpastas, and purposfully bad creepypastas as long as you disclaim it.

Heres are tips:

  • Don't use many clichés. Try not to use exsessive gore, and blood. Be creative.
  • Is the reader scared, or frightened. These are creepypastas not normal stories.
  • A good story premise.
  • Something that hasn't been done. Maybe try not doing the thousandth .EXE creepypasta.
  • Advanced vocabulary. Just don't be basic. Be descriptive.
  • Don't get away from the topic with backstories and such. Don't bore the reader.
  • You can be a long creepypasta but you can't make it so long it's boring.